To meet the demand in FinTech applied research and talent development in Hong Kong, the Faculty of Engineering at CUHK has set up CUHK Engineering FinTech Applied Research Academy (CEFAR Academy), with an aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • Chart directions in, promote and accelerate applied research in FinTech applications to reinforce the position of Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre. 
  • Foster a strong and growing FinTech ecosystem, comprising key stakeholders from Government, Industry, Academia and Research  in contributing to FinTech applied research and talent development and deepen such engagement.
  • Create theme-based/domain-based project repositories through categorizing FinTech applied research problems/business opportunities, and the associated research findings.
  • Develop a steady pipeline of FinTech talents, equipped with strong applied research capabilities to meet industry demands.

The CEFAR Academy is established under the Faculty of Engineering CUHK. It is overseen by the Associate Dean (Education), and guided by an Advisory Committee formed under the instruction of the Faculty Dean of Engineering. The Academy is operationally managed by the Programme Director of the MSc FinTech Programme who is also the Secretary to CEFAR Academy Advisory Committee.