Students conduct applied research projects under the supervision of industrial and academic sponsors. We received positive feedbacks from both the sponsors and students. Some of the comments are presented as below:



(MSc FinTech Graduate, Class of 2020-21)

"After working for many years as a product management professional in the tech industry, I made a bold decision to pursue my second master's degree in FinTech. CUHK's Master of Financial Technology provided me with the right balance of financial literature and technological advances, from financial markets & instruments, advanced financial infrastructure, and state of the art deep reinforcement learning. I strongly believe that no matter if you are a creative type of entrepreneur or simply looking for intellectual challenges, you will find the perfect combination of core and elective courses offered in the program. After completing the programme, thanks to all my supervisors and diversified classmates, I'm well prepared for a new job leading the digital transformation and FinTech initiatives for a bank in Hong Kong."


(MSc FinTech Graduate, Class of 2020-21)

"From the industrial project experience in ASTRI, I have a deeper understanding and practice of blockchain development. Professor Lei in ASTRI also provided me with many part-time jobs and job opportunities. Now I am working in the indusry, which is largely due to the experience and insight I gained from the programme."


(MSc FinTech Graduate, Class of 2020-21)

"After the two-semester-long course study, I took my understandings and ideas to start the industrial project in ASTRI, which provided me a platform to practice what I learned and realize my ideas. This journey, indeed, strengthened my programming skills and broadened my horizon in the financial market."


(MSc FinTech Graduate, Class of 2019-20)

"The industrial project at HSBC has laid a solid foundation for my product development as well as oral presentation skills that contributes to my career."


(MSc FinTech Graduate, Class of 2019-20)

"One of the key highlights of the program is the industrial project which gives opportunities to work with industry partners to solve real-life business problems. The industrial supervisor from ZA Bank offered me many invaluable comments, which have greatly broadened my horizon in virtual banking industry."


(MSc FinTech Graduate, Class of 2019-20)

"I had an unforgettable and meaningful project experience with Development Bank of Singapore. When working on this project, I gained deeper understanding of the internal operation of a bank through communicating with different industry supervisors."


(MSc FinTech Graduate, Class of 2019-20)

"The programme has afforded me an opportunity to do an industrial project and build an impressive platform by myself. This expressive has provided not only an academic research perspective, but a deeper understanding of market insights, user requirements, product design, and how to build an ecosystem. In the process of the project, I felt so lucky to make a group of friends, and we helped with each other and talked about our thought, which also provided me invaluable knowledge and skills."


(MSc FinTech Graduate, Class of 2019-20)

"The FinTech Programme provides us with additional enrichment training opportunities, such as FinTech-related internships and projects, which cooperates with well-known banking institutions in Hong Kong (including HSBC, DBS, Zhongan, etc.), so that we can apply our knowledge to real-world scenarios. I benefited a lot from the industrial project, which determined my future career path."


(MSc FinTech Graduate, Class of 2019-20)

"One of the key highlights of this programme is the capstone project collaborating with world-renowned banks and fintech companies. Through the project I accumulated lots of machine learning techniques with the help of both the academic advisor and the industry advisor. I have a chance to become an inter-disciplinary talent."


"We can teach only if we are willing to learn – the projects gave us a chance to help our young fintech talents in HK, while at the same time we learn from these young talents on how our banking can be better."

"It’s two-way learning – students learn from their sponsors case applications in real life, and ways of working in a big corporation, while sponsors learn from students how to approach problems differently, and gain the extra research insight from the students."

"We are generally very impressed by the students’ technical capabilities to address the business challenges. At the same time, they are also willing to learn from mistakes and put extra effort to experiment different methodologies to problem solving – this quality is extremely essential for fintech development, and they demonstrated it fully during our interaction. We are very happy with the outcome of the projects that our business team can reuse the findings in their daily work."

"On top of the bank fulfilling the corporate responsibility, it is also a good experience for myself.  By mentoring / supervising the student, I can also learn the coaching / communication skills.  The problem statement itself isn’t the key of the exercise, it is how the student tackles it as well as the interactions with the supervisor which count most."

"As an Industrial project sponsor, I feel good in participating in this programme, be able to help the students and contribute back to the society."