The CEFAR Academy will invite organizations that commit working towards fostering FinTech innovation, and act strategically building infrastructures and enabling technologies that facilitate FinTech applied research of the Academy to be “Organization Members”. The Academy has a mission to line up experts from government/neo-government organizations, commercial organisations and professional bodies, universities, and research institutes to collaborate for the long-term development and growth of the FinTech Ecosystem.

In achieving these goals, Organization Members may sponsor applied research project; contribute their executives’ time in supervising the projects in the capacity of CEFAR Fellows; offer internship positions for students in the FinTech programme to gain practical experiences; or donate scholarships for FinTech students to attract competitive candidates.

Organization members

Apart from the Organization Members listed above, Bank of China (Hong Kong), Citibank, Capital Crux, Dah Sing Bank, HKbitEX, and Sensetime are also our organization partners which actively contribute to our talent development initiative by sponsoring their industrial projects to engage our students in real-life applied research in FinTech applications.